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Engage your leads anytime, anywhere.

Close deals faster with the AI-charged business communication platform that shortens your sales cycle and drives customer loyalty.

Stay sticky!

Convert more leads into sales with x‑bees — your sticky sales communications channel

Stop spending hours sifting through endless email chains, texts, chats and video conference platforms. With x‑bees, you can bring all the stakeholders together into one dedicated chat that transforms into a virtual meeting, video conference or audio call in an instant, making it easy to track your conversations and schedule meetings. And with our state-of-the-art Salesforce integrations, all your interactions, recordings and summaries are automatically entered, saving you time and speeding up your sales cycle.

Elevate Your Sales Pitch with AI Conversational Intelligence

Get the information and insights you need whether you’re on a call or preparing for the next one with our state‑of‑the‑art AI tools.
AI assistant in chat

Enhance your customer service with our AI assistant

Improve your customer interactions with real-time AI assists

Real-Time Transcriptions
Sales intelligence

Capture all customer interactions with Sales Intelligence

Turn your team into sales superstars

AI Summaries and Insights

Features Hive

Connect instantly with chat, voice and video

Reach out to your teams, prospects and customers through chat, voice and video calls all from one easy-to-use, browser-based interface.

Schedule meetings with just a few clicks

Make it easy to get everyone together with our handy scheduling tool that lets you quickly set and save upcoming meetings to your prospects' calendars.

Keep the lines of communication open

Never lose contact with a customer or lead with our persistent chat supported by two-way SMS, mobile push notifications and email alerts.

Turn your website into a conversation starter

With our handy website widget, your prospects can instantly contact you directly from your website, making it quick and easy to start a conversation.

View and update Salesforce straight from x‑bees

See all the information on your opportunity, its stage and all automatically logged customer interactions directly from x‑bees, allowing you to update Salesforce or the CRM of your choice even while on a call.

Bring the power of Gong to your calls

Get actionable data about ongoing deals and your sales team's performance with


Stop being ignored!
Start a sales swarm with x‑bees

How x‑bees Drives Sales

Close deals faster
Shortens your sales cycle by empowering your sales teams, BDRs, BDMs and Hunters to:
  • Engage prospects through a persistent customer communication channel
  • Keep track of leads through our CRM integrations
  • Schedule meetings quickly with our meeting scheduler
Build client relationships
Creates more opportunities for your account managers, executives, farmers and CCS teams to cross-sell and upsell by:
  • Customers can easily get in touch with support/customer care
  • Teams can monitor and track customer satisfaction
Keep customers happy
Creates more opportunities for your account managers, executives, farmers and CCS teams to cross-sell and upsell by:
  • Keeping the same communication channel open after a lead becomes a customer
  • Empowering them to stay in touch with customers through chat, meetings and webinars
Shortens your sales cycle by empowering your sales teams, BDRs, BDMs and Hunters to:
Creates more opportunities for your account managers, executives, farmers and CCS teams to cross-sell and upsell by:
Encourages your support, customer care and customer service teams to increase customer satisfaction and retention because:

Convert more leads to sales with x‑bees

Get x‑bees and optimize your sales pipeline

Every day, your company has to bring in new prospects, avoid churn and generate actionable data on sales strategies — all while keeping your leads engaged and satisfied. Doing all that efficiently requires x‑bees, the only customer communication management solution built 100% for sales.

x‑bees integrations

What Our Customers Say

x‑bees is aimed at companies that want to boost their sales. It allows you to manage leads from your website in a simple automated way, and integrates directly with the most popular CRMs on the market, such as Salesforce and HubSpot. It facilitates both internal and external communication in a very simple way, it also works across multiple devices and you can use it anywhere. x‑bees is the perfect tool for any company that wants to improve their communication and boost their sales.
Jose Luiz Perez Anton
Jose Luiz Perez Anton
Director of Telecommunications at Sozias

Key Technological Partners

Wildix logo
As an AWS partner, we work closely with AWS to meet their requirements and standards. Our AWS Qualified Software badge confirms x‑bees has passed FTR (foundational technical review) and has been validated by AWS for its technical proficiency.
Wildix logo
Wildix is the first unified communications solution that is 100% sales-oriented. The company was founded in 2005 to develop a UCaaS solution that would disrupt the market. It currently has over a million active users across 135 countries.
x‑bees: winner of Visionary Spotlight Awards 2023 for Unified Communications / UCaaS.

Sales Acceleration with x‑bees

A sales journey that creates sticky communications with your customers at every stage.
Step 1: Attract

It all starts by bringing leads into x‑bees. Simply add a prospect's email address into the tool, or let potential customers contact your sales team via a widget on your website.

Step 2: Reach

No more disappearing prospects — x‑bees ensures your follow-up messages are seen while your prospects are still hot thanks to SMS, email and mobile push notifications.

Step 3: Nurture

x‑bees automatically logs meeting information to your CRM and even displays and allows you to update details on Salesforce opportunities in x‑bees, saving you time so you can focus on what's important — your prospect.

Step 4: Engage

Both sales agents and prospects can schedule virtual meetings using the x‑bees Meeting Scheduler tool, where everyone can view your sales team's digital calendars and select an available slot, making scheduling straightforward and effortless.

Step 5: Close

Ready to present a demo and close the deal? Thanks to the built-in business intelligence system, you get AI‑powered prompts and insights during your meetings and calls, giving you the edge in your deals.

Step 6: Delight

You know customer communications don't end once the deal is closed. Thanks to x‑bees' embedded AI‑powered Sales Intelligence you have all the customer information you need to upsell products and build a sticky customer base that keeps coming back to your business.

Licensing Plans

Mix and match as many licenses as you need on one system, on a monthly or on a yearly basis


License for back office employees
Keep your hive connected


License for customer-facing teams
Attract swarms of customers


License for managers
Monitor your hive

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Andrew Dalton
Customer Success Specialist UK
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Vlad Hunter
Customer Success Specialist US
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Nick Gatica
Business Development Representative US
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What makes x‑bees soar above other sales communications software?

Sales enablement through a communications system worth the buzz

x‑bees is the only digital customer communication tool built 100% around improving your sales pipeline. Unlike other sales enablement solutions that just improve internal collaboration, x‑bees solves real problems that impact effective customer journeys.

How Real People Use x‑bees

Codie has multiple external decision-makers involved, but their current customer communication management solution requires each person to be contacted separately or together via email — there’s no real-time group chat with external clients.
With x‑bees, adding external people to the chat and generating calls from there is simple, allowing everyone to add their input and stay informed. No need for long email chains to document each step! Even better, you can send two-way SMS and MMS, if your clients prefer text, and there’s a meeting scheduler and calendar integration via Office 365 and Google Calendar, making it a breeze to get everyone together.
Harriet wants to check leads generated by a marketing webinar. However, there’s no record in the CRM because these leads weren’t logged properly — her salespeople are focused on other more solid prospects and customers, and logging new prospects often gets forgotten with her current customer communication management solution.
x‑bees integrates with the leading sales acceleration tools, so data and notes can quickly be added manually during a call. And with our unique Salesforce integration, not only can transcriptions and calls be logged automatically into Salesforce but sales teams can see and update all the information on their opportunities within x‑bees, making it easier than ever to keep records update and focus on sales.
Amir needs to train his team to focus on the best sales techniques for his business, but his current customer communication solution means he has to listen to each call manually. Consequently, he finds himself micromanaging each salesperson to document points of improvement.
x‑bees makes it easy to check the status of each lead, see when dates or plans are discussed and identify objections raised through the power of its BI integration, powered by Gong. And with Sales Intelligence, he can even look through transcriptions or just check out the summaries and key points. Now he just has to quickly review notes, not 30‑minute calls, to help improve customer engagement.

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